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The Bachelor of Education programme, generally known as B.Ed. , is a professional course that prepares teachers for upper primary or middle level , secondary level and senior secondary level . The programme shall be offered in composite institutions.

Duration and Working Days


The B.Ed. programme shall be of a duration of two academic years, which can be completed in a maximum of three years from the date of admission to the programme.

Working Days

(a) There shall be at least two hundred working days each year exclusive of the period of examination and admission.

(b) The institution shall work for a minimum of thirty six hours in a week , during which physical presence in the institution of all the teachers and student teachers is necessary to ensure their availability for advice, guidance, dialogue and consultation as and when needed.

(c) The minimum attendance of student-teachers shall have to be 80% for all course work and practicum and 90% for school internship.

Admission Procedure

Admission shall be made on merit on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination and/or in the entrance examination or any other selection process as per the policy of the State Government/U.T. Administration and the University.


The institution shall charge only such fee as prescribed by the affiliating body/ State Government concerned in accordance with provisions of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) (Guidelines for regulations of tuition fees and other fees chargeable by unaided teacher education institutions) Regulations, 2002, as amended from time to time and shall not charge donations, capitation fee etc. from the students.