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The B.Ed. curriculum shall be designed to integrate the study of subject knowledge, human development, pedagogical knowledge and communication skills. The programme shall comprise three broad curricular areas : Perspective in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies and Engagement with the Field.

The courses under each of these curricular areas will be based on a close reading of original writings, seminar/term paper presentations and continuous engagement with the field. Transaction of the courses shall be done using a variety of approaches such as case studies, discussions or reflective journals, observations of children and interactions with the community in multiple socio-cultural environments.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), gender, yoga, education and disability/inclusive education shall form an integral part of the B.Ed. curriculum.

Theory Courses

(a) Perspectives in Education

(b) Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies

Engagement with the Field/ Practicum

(a) Tasks and Assignments that run through all the courses.

(b) School Internship.

(c) Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities.